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Hard to Reach Valves

Remote Valve operators “Reach Rods” are available for the remote control of valves away from the valve site. This Rigid and Flexible Reach Rods are designed to operate valves from 3/4” to 16” in diameter.


Reach Rods are safe. After installation there will be no need to send personnel into dangerous, unsafe areas. Valves located into hazardous or inaccessible areas can be controlled manually from a convenient, safe distance. In an emergency, Reach Rods allow valves to be closed or opened quickly and conveniently, again with no danger to the operator.

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Flexible Reach Rods are extremely cost efficient. They are inexpensive to purchase and can be installed for a fraction of the cost of their rigid counterparts because they require no sophisticated, specialized installation equipment. Adaptors are available for attachment to any size valve. Maintenance is minimal and inexpensive.


Flexibility And Ease Of Installation

Flexible Reach Rods can be routed through limited space, inaccessible or unsafe areas. They are ideal for extremely complicated transmission routing paths. Multiple bends are easily handled. Flexible Reach Rods are quickly and simple to install and can be installed with standard hand tools. It’s recommended that all the Flexible Reach Rods be supported by a simple pipe bracket every four running feet and before and after each bend.

Less Maintenance

A periodic inspection is all that is necessary. A quick visual check of the casing, ferrules or adaptors along with an occasional turning the valve handle to insure the valve works freely is all that is needed.

Reliable Operation

Fewer working parts mean increased reliability. Flexible Reach Rods have no geared joints, swivels, universal joints, gearboxes, and hinged joints to wear, stick, rust or bind. And they are far less prone to damage from shock, vibration or physical abuse because the Flexible Reach Rod absorbs shock.